In a world engineered for distraction, VRtuMind combines technologies in new ways to provide young adults with clarity and resilience. The team is building an app for students who don’t have the time for consistent guided meditation every day, but still want to learn all the benefits that come from daily mindful practices.
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Ben Ray

Ben is a Molecular and Cellular Biology student at UIUC. Having co-founded VRtuMind after bearing witness the mental health struggles of his peers, Ben is looking for a paradigm-shift in the ways universities approach mental health resources for their students. VRtuMind is an experiment in the democratization of the same mindful practices and tools traditionally held behind the doors of real-life therapist offices.

Ben Ray

Brendan is an MCB student at UIUC. Initially co-founding VRtuMind based off of research he performed and presented his senior year in high school, Brendan has a great interest in mindfulness practice. Brendan is looking for ways to make mindfulness accessible to a population where being distracted is the norm. Brendan has discovered that VR is an avenue that can be useful in this. VRtuMind is the embodiment of this.

Nolan Clarke

Nolan Clarke is an engineer/entrepreneur who’s passionate about aiding mental health. In seventh grade, Nolan founded his first company, a sneaker resale company named “Windy City Kicks”. From there, he went on to serve as the COO of “ChoreBug”, an NYU-backed startup that sought to connect high-schoolers to clients seeking help with odd jobs. Now, Nolan is looking to improve mindfulness by bringing VRtuMind to market.

Ben Ray

Busayo is a senior at UIUC studying Technical Systems Management. I am passionate about building a company that’s predicated on value and passion.

Siddhartha Adatrao

Siddhartha is a sophomore at UIUC majoring in computer science. Siddhartha has been greatly interested in exploring the cross section of technology and society. He has found that the subject of mental health lives on extremes. Either treated as a hoax or completely generalized/popularized. Co-founding VRtuMind has allowed Siddhartha hell bridge this gap through technology.