An Accessible Startup Curriculum

We’ve open-sourced everything we do - democratize entrepreneurial education. We have curated a comprehensive curriculum tried and tested; with a successful track record. Always improving and growing like the students we support.

Any questions or just want to talk? We’d love to hear from you.


Create a leading student startup accelerator program that has a positive impact on the world and most importantly the people in it.

Our Four Main Goals

iVenture was launched in 2015 by 4 colleges and over half a dozen units all across the University of Illinois Campus. We were founded on four key principles that we utilize to always put students first.


Picking the right students to participate, is the foundation to a successful program.

Assembling a Cohort

What we look at when we’re building a new generation of changemakers.

The Interview Process

Culture is at the heart of what we look for. What to expect when you’re interviewing with us.

Our Vetting Process

Our application process runs over the course of a full year. Learn what goes into it.


No strings attached financial support. We give you money and take no equity - because we want to be on the same side as you


Community is the backbone of everything we do here.

Presenting to the Community

iVenture is focused on peer-to-peer learning. You will learn from other students in diverse industries.

Events and Community

Throughout the school year, you will have numerous opportunities to share your work and meet leading innovators.


We’re actively striving to make entrepreneurship more accessible to everyone.


Our values include inclusion and accessibility. We actively try to create more opportunities for everyone.

...And Why it Matters

Diverse teams are stronger teams. Diverse entrepreneurs inspire and motivate other diverse changemakers.