developing a smart alarm that helps users live a healthy, sleep-conscious life.


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Tadas Kunickas

Tadas Kunickas started off at the University of Illinois as a computer Engineer determined to build and integrate more tech into people’s lives. After gaining more exposure to business over his first two years, he decided to change his major to Technical System’s Management, combining engineering, business and management. As a result he was also able to pursue a Business minor and a Technology Commercialization Certificate. This lead to the founding of TAVO, a company focused on optimizing users’ sleep. When he’s not working on TAVO, he likes to focus his time on personal growth, health and fitness.

Lukas Kulbis

Lukas Kulbis graduated from UIUC in 2020 with a degree computer science engineering, concentrated in big data and artificial intelligence. He also pursued a philosophy minor to gain structure for abstract thought. Lukas was raised in the Chicago suburbs, but has spent time living in Ethiopia, Lithuania, and Sweden. Currently working at TAVO, Lukas is devoted to helping individuals maximize their potential.

Alex Sirakides

Hardware Engineer
Alex Sirakides is pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineerinng from the Univeristy of Illinois. He is also pursuing a French minor to create a broader understanding of cultures and how to approach a globalized society.

Zhiyuan Zheng

Software Engineer
Michael Zheng graduated from UIUC in 2020 with a degree in Electrical Engineering and a concentration in communication systems.