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Red Clover Reader

Industries: Children’s literature | Software

Red Clover Reader is an ed-tech startup that is solving the lack of cultural diversity in children’s literature by connecting parents and self-published and independent authors of children’s books on an online platform that facilitates the co-creation and dissemination of more culturally diverse and value-focused content.

Red Clover takes children’s attention away from the “junk food” they consume online, and focus it on more
productive media that can help them develop both academic and social skills. The solution has three main offerings, a curated catalog of diverse, value-based educational children’s books that can be accessed at home and in classrooms, community helps parents with advice and the support they need to be the best parents in the world and a proprietary collaborative e-book reader that takes the reading experience to the next level, without excessive gamification. Their e-reader allows any group of individuals to interact in real time on a given e-book, one-to-one or one-to-many,
anytime and wherever they happen to be on the globe, while communicating through chat, audio, video, writing and coloring. Essentially, we’re breaking down physical barriers that prevent people from engaging in a meaningful book reading, parenting or tutoring experience currently. The following user groups can enjoy our e-reader: kids – kids,
parents – kids, teachers – students, tutors – students and authors – teachers.

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Armand Tossou Applied Economics (PhD)

Melanie Keil Public Health (MS)

Vishnu Srinivasan Computer Science (BS)

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