QuillBot’s paraphrasing tool that can rewrite any article you give it and its summarizer can condense an article down into a text summary with a click of a button.


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QuillBot uses its state-of-the-art machine learning paraphraser in order to function as an article rewriter. It is excellent as fixing awkward and lengthy phrasing, as well as functioning like a full sentence thesaurus. It will provide creative ways to restructure and reword sentences in order to enhance one’s writing. It is completely free to use, and while people are using it, they are actually training the underlying model. This means that QuillBot will just get better overtime. Ultimately, QuillBot aims to enhance the state of natural language processing by making AI agents sound more human.



Anil Jason BA Computer Science & Math, Ajason2@illinois.edu

Rohan Gupta MCS, BA Finance, rmgupta2@illinois.edu

David Silin BS in Computer Science dsilin17@gmail.com


Industries: Education, Natural Language Processing + Artificial Intelligence, SaaS, Data Mining + Crowd Sourcing, Open Source