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Fraicher is a meal delivery startup that enables college students to enjoy healthy and delicious plates at affordable prices.

Start Up Info: Given the university’s workaholic DNA and the finite amount of time we have, it’s really hard to have a nutritious meal on campus. Often, a lack of time and skill prevents students from cooking and the only option left on the table is to eat fast food.

With Fraicher, we want to give a new alternative to students by offering in-house meal plans. They will be able to select the number of meals they want per week and will have them fresh and cold to conserve quality of the ingredients in the fridge for up to 3 days.

The market we target primarily are the thousands of students living in apartments. We know they have a need for good home made food thanks to our pilot project. In the first three weeks of November 2015, we sold weekly meal plans made by a chef. We delivered 10 meals and 4 sides a week for 80 $ starting with a customer base of 18 people that reached 30 through friends of friends.

The strong and urgent need for healthy meal plans on campus, the instant success of the pilot project this past fall and the feedback from students at Social Fuse are among many reasons that give us great confidence in what seems to be the inevitable success of Fraicher not only in UIUC but ultimately at many other US campuses. We do not want to sell simply a product, but also a healthy lifestyle and an optimistic outlook.