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Josh Hoffman-Peterson


Josh Hoffman-Peterson is a Music Technology and Computer Science minor Class of 2020 graduate from the University of Illinois, and incoming student to the Masters in Technology Management program through the Gies College of Business. He has long been fascinated at the intersection of art and science. During consecutive summers at the microphone manufacturer, Shure, Josh developed new product line concepts and prototypes in the wireless space. He is also the Founder and President of The Punch Line, an RSO dedicated to creating the University’s first fully student-run, feature-complete outdoor music festival.

Nikhil Makhijani

Product & strategy

Nikhil Makhijani is a Senior in Economics and Astronomy at the University of Illinois. He enjoys telling data driven stories and is passionate about finding use cases where emerging technologies can fundamentally enhance society. He spent the last year and a half working on Channel Sales and Product teams within SAP’s Digital Supply Chain organization. He identifies as a curious generalist and spends his free time watching soccer and writing articles. Reach out to Nikhil if you also enjoy talking about the future of tech and society!

Chris Brenden

Bioengineering PhD student interested in the interface between man and machine for the advancement of healthcare, human efficiency, and entertainment. Goals are to bring products such as brain-computer interfaces and exoskeletons to a wide consumer base by increasing useful function, user experience, safety, and marketability. 

Archit Gupta

Archit Gupta is a Senior in Computer Science and Astronomy at the University of Illinois. He spent last summer working at Riverbed Technologies to revamp the bug/issue management system to reduce bug turnaround times. Prior to that he spent summers at Cisco wherein he worked on Firmware OTA update delivery for IoT devices and PayPal – Risk Assesment to reduce debit card fraud. In his spare time he enjoys going to music festivals, playing and watching soccer (HalaMadrid) and geeking out on the latest tech.