CamUX develops wearable technologies that enable people with limited motor function to use computers.


Siddharth Bhujle


A junior in materials science and engineering at UIUC, Siddharth Bhujle is passionate about creating more natural and valuable experiences with technology that allow for a healthier relationship with the digital world. Through his experience as a research assistant in Brain and Cognition Lab, hardware developer for Neurotech @ UIUC and CamUX, he’s a driven engineering student working to progress his mission. He’s a frequent vacationer of national parks, is an avid cyclist, loves tacos, and a car enthusiast like no other.

Dmitry Ilchenko

Cofounder & Hardware developer

Dmitry Ilchenko is an Electrical Engineering student passionate about the ways technology can help and simplify lives of people. Outside of entrepreneurship he is interested in cars and is a Power Electronics Lead in Illini EV-Concept, RSO which is building energy efficient electrical vehicle. Moreover he is a part of the Human Dynamics and Controls Lab, where he was helping to create a spacticity and clonus educational clinical simulators. He enjoys cooking, especially Russian cuisine, and playing basketball.

Ryan Prendergast

Software Engineer

Ryan Prendergast studies Computer Science at the University of Illinois. He has co-founded a CS outreach nonprofit HackRidge, developed full-stack software at NextCapital, and researched systems at IIT and ML at U of I. Since Fall 2019, he has won 6 hackathons, three with >200 competitors each at U of I, UChicago, and Purdue. He is building a custom eye-tracking peripheral for CamUX. Ryan is a lover of 1980s movies and spends too much time on Twitter. Talk to him about design!