Autonomic Energy Systems

Autonomic Energy Systems (AES) prevents fires in and extends the lifetime of lithium ion batteries.

Lithium battery fires are a serious issue across industries. (For example, the cost of the Note 7 product cancellation to Samsung was valued at over $15 billion.) To address these issues, AES has developed 4 patent-pending technologies for any size or shape of li-ion battery; AES incorporates temperature-responsive microcapsules inside the battery to shut it down when it gets too hot, or to heal it as it wears over time.

AES’s technology is easily integrated into existing battery manufacturing processes and cost effective at scale. AES is already discussing the technical requirements of the technology with Samsung SDI. The company’s revenue model is based on B2B physical product sales at an industrial scale.


Tony Griffin PhD, Materials Science & Engineering,

Industries: Batteries, Consumer Electronics, Microcapsules, Electric Vehicles