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Alexander Kosyakov

Alex Kosyakov is Materials Science and Engineering student at the University of Illinois. He is originally from the New York City area, where his passion for energy materials led him towards becoming a researcher-in-residence at the City College of New York Energy Institute. Alex has also worked for the Sottos Research Group at Illinois’ Beckman Institute, and started a battery company called Natrion with the goal of bringing affordable, independent renewable energy to the people of New York.

Ritin Joseph

Ritin Joseph is a Materials Science and Engineering student at UIUC. He just finished his first year of college and is apart of the Y2 Research Group in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. He had his first internship at the Shibaura Institute of Technology in Tokyo where he worked on creating synthetic polymers in the Materials Engineering Department. It was this internship that led him to his major. Although he went to high school in Japan, Ritin grew up in Bentonville, Arkansas.