Muscle Metrics

MyMetrics develops intelligent gym equipment that tracks and plans your workout activity automatically.

Start Up Info:

The process of tracking workouts is tedious and annoying. Most people still use pen and paper to track their workout activity and this creates a meticulous and one-dimensional means of feedback when gauging your workouts. MyMetrics automates this process by integrating sensors into common gym equipment that converts your workouts into recognizable lifts and activities automatically. Our device captures the amount of repetitions, sets, and weight lifted automatically and plots this data in our mobile app to ensure that you get a comprehensive picture of your workout progress.

Our team met during an entrepreneurial pitch competition called “54” in October 2014. This summer we were admitted into the iVenture Accelerator program this summer where we developed our mobile app, web dashboard, and made countless connections to experienced mentors and entrepreneurs who have helped refine our startup.



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Kanishka Wijayagunaratne

BS Undergraduate, Astrophysics

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Helom Berhane

BS Undergraduate, Double Major: Information Systems and Technology, Accountancy

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