Meet the Cohort: iVenture Accelerator’s 8th Generation

The largest cohort in iVenture history.

This summer kicks off the iVenture Accelerator’s 8th cohort, complete with 16 unique startups composed of enthusiastic student leaders and innovators across disciplines looking to turn their promising ideas into ventures worth scaling. Their core missions run the gamut from improving STEM literacy for the Deaf community in America to providing alternatives to exotic wood made from bacterial cellulose to constructing Web3 platforms for acquiring physical and digital art.

To commemorate their acceptance into the program, the iVenture team offers a hardcore welcome to each of these driven groups of cutting-edge thinkers:

Ayesha Kazi, ASL Aspire

ASL Aspire is a game-based online platform that teaches STEM literacy to deaf students in middle school.

By All Means is a clothing and multimedia company building a global culture to bridge the gap between fashion, music, and entertainment communities.

“Being accepted into iVenture, I felt affirmation and confidence that other people saw our vision.” ~Ankith Mareddy, By All Means

Panthea Health empowers people to make more informed, economical healthcare decisions by providing a data-driven, easy-to-use search engine for finding the right healthcare providers near them.

“I do what I do because affordable, quality healthcare is a RIGHT.” ~Aaditya Jain, Panthea Health

Digiphy allows users to buy NFTs without the need for a crypto wallet, using just a credit card.

Faashlapal bridges the gap between Islam and Americana by creating scrunchie hijabs for non-hijabi Muslim women.

“I do what I do to create a community with space for identities. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the American identity and Muslim identity.” ~Aasiyah Adnan, Faashlapal

Shreya Gosh, Ferritiva

Ferritiva creates accessible devices utilizing saliva-based biotechnology that screen for iron deficiency.

“I do what I do because all athletes deserve the proper healthcare resources to succeed.” ~Shreya Ghosh, Ferritiva

Gridscale uses homeowners’ excess solar energy to mine cryptocurrency so that we can pay homeowners more than utility companies.

Haylon Technologies combines multiple complementary battery chemistries into a single pack and switches between them as needed to meet energy storage needs.

Lumnis Capital is a cryptocurrency platform that compartmentalizes data insights in the investment process and synthesize that information for users.

Kartik Hegde, PaletteML

PaletteML enables AI development teams to effectively plan, execute, and manage AI projects through our data-driven project management platform.

Poetic is a lyric writing assistant that helps musicians write better lyrics, faster.

“I do what I do to make writing easier.” ~Daniel Kirmani, PoeticAI

REUSO operates a reusable container and cup platform to eliminate single-use waste.

Dhanashri Mandhani, Salam Kisan

Salam Kisan is an agricultural ecosystem providing a centralized end-to-end solution for farming communities.

Shape Dimensions is an online portal that connects 3D modelers and customers to a network of printers to enable local printer-to-customer transactions.

“I do what I do to decentralize and improve manufacturing by empowering creative individuals.” ~Martin Petrov, Shape Dimensions

Symmetry makes wood from bacteria without cutting down trees to combat deforestation.

“I do what I do to keep the planet safe for the people I love.” ~Gabe Tavas, Symmetry

WeHearYou creates technology solutions for those with various exceptionalities beginning with a universal remote that transforms accessible doors into automatic doors via a personal button.

Given the bright, diverse minds making up this year’s iVenture family, the opportunities for synergy, collaboration, and excellence are bountiful. In the words of Noah Isserman, faculty director of the iVenture Accelerator:

“The first word that was suggested after typing the word ‘iVenture’ in a text message to Manu [Edakara] (program director) was ‘community.’”

Surely, even after just a few fruitful weeks together, this group of thought leaders, self-starters, visionaries, creators, innovators, and devoted entrepreneurs have demonstrated their steadfast enthusiasm to not only participate in but transform this ecosystem for the better.

Stay tuned over the next several weeks to follow along these students’ startup journeys and the development of their ventures …

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