Trala: Learn Violin



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Trala: Learn Violin

Learn violin online with the Trala app.

Trala teaches users how to play the violin through video tutorials from professional violinists and instant feedback on pitch and rhythm.

The app is optimized to make learning the violin fun and challenging with quality music education at the heart – built by professional musicians for beginners. Trala is serious about education and everything is designed for users to learn violin optimally.

Trala uses signal processing that listens to users play their real violins to provide real-time feedback on mistakes. The result is that students who use Trala learn violin more effectively and become better musicians than students who do unguided practice. 

Trala was the Grand Prize winner of the 2017 Cozad New Venture competition, participated in Techstars Chicago 2018, and raised $1.3M from the CEOs of LinkedIn and Duolingo in December 2018. Trala’s mission is to make world-class music education available to every single person on Earth.


Vishnu Indukuri BS Computer Science,  

Samuel Walder BS Computer Engineering, 

Jason Yue BA Systems Engineering & Design,

Alex Noddings BA Physics,

Lauren Solberg BA Economics,

Industries: E-Learning, Music, Tech, Violin, Apps