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Idana designs meaningful employee engagement opportunities through interactive, hands-on culinary and diversity education experiences.

Guests of Idana collaborate to cook a meal that focuses on a specific culture, demographic, or team-building skill, depending on the client’s needs. Professional chefs and coaches lead the experience, facilitating education and discussion about the values and present-day challenges of the culture that the meal represents.

According to the Harvard Business Review (HBR), the employee engagement market is approximately $750 million annually and projected to double in the next ten years. Yet, merely 13% of employees are being labeled as engaged. Idana provides an avenue of meaningful enlightenment, promoted engagement, and effective team bonding for its clients.



Emi Rosanwo BA Management-Entrepreneurship, Information Systems & Information Technology,

Aiswarya Murali BA Marketing, Business Process Management,

AJ Connell BA Marketing, Information Systems & Information Technology,

Industries: Professional Services, Education, Food Service

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