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CitySpace aspires to promote social interaction and development through art & technological installations within Champaign-Urbana.

Start Up Info: Disadvantaged communities are constantly overlooked for redevelopment opportunities. We aspire to use art + tech installations as a catalyst for social interaction and development within these areas. misudesign+ (formerly known as PARADOX) was the winning idea for the Shark Tank Competition held by the Illini Union Board during December 2015, equating to $3000 funding option to augment social interaction on campus. We were allocated $1450 from IUB for supplies and materials. We placed several installations throughout Champaign-Urbana from Univ. of Illinois, Pizza M and the Randolph Street Community Garden, and it has been met with smiles, conversations and new connections. Next steps include targeting key populations throughout Champaign, scaling up the size and impact of the installations and obtaining increased public support and financial backing.