AgriWater designs zero-waste ionizer devices that clean water for agricultural, residential and commercial use.


Bianca Bailey


Bianca Bailey is a PhD Canidate in the Department of Agricultural & Biological Engineering. Her dissertation focuses on integrating sustainable water treatment techniqures to address agricultural pollution. In 2011 she was awared by the White House office of Science & Technology “The Champion of Change Award for Women & Girls in Science Technology Engineering & Math. She has always has a passion for international water development and community service.

Karolina Guerrero

Marketing & Research Design

Karolina Guerrero studies industrial design at the University of Illinois. She enjoys traveling, cooking and creating new products. She hopes to one day master the art of design in order to design for a greater, more environmentally conscious world.

Dinah Armstead

Communication & Research

Dinah Armstead is a PhD Candidate in Education & Public Policy Department. She is an international traveler and speaks French among other languages. Her dissertation centers around determining the disparity and bias preparation and treatment of students of color in regards to international study abroad experiences. Dinah is not only an academic advisor, but she is a leader and mentor and a ray of energy!