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FastTrack: Turning Passion into a Career

Josh Hoffman-Peterson, founder of FastTrack. Every musician’s dream is to be recognized in some manner, whether locally or globally. “There are many jobs that go into creating a musical release. The tasks required to create music that breaks the listeners’ standards is often overwhelming, but it’s necessary for success,” explained Josh Hoffman-Peterson, founder of FastTrack. […]

Campus Ventures: Solving University Undermatching

Campus Ventures’ Team Left to Right: Talia Farrell-Rosen, Monica Lannom, Zhaukhar (Jenna) Mukametkhan. (Not pictured Charmaine Nieves) Remember your college application process? The tedious Common App applications, hours upon hours of research, ACT/SAT, FAFSA, visiting schools, etc. Do you remember who helped you through this process? Your family and guidance counselors perhaps, maybe your peers […]

TAVO: Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

“Life’s too good to be SNOOZIN.” TAVO team from left to right: Michael Zheng, Lukas Kulbis, Tadas Kunickas. (Not pictured Alex Sirakides). Ever wonder why it’s so hard to wake up sometimes? It’s because our alarm clocks aren’t in tune with our sleep cycles. Understanding the sleep cycle is key to waking up refreshed, and […]

Objective: Personalizing your internet

Rachel Rosa, co-founder of Objective. The team recently launched its Alpha version, register link at the end. Imagine creating a personalized internet that displays exactly what you want to view. It seems impossible with Google’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other social media algorithms that are buying our attention.  Due to Google’s SEO, content the […]

Natrion: Creating a Safer and Affordable Battery for Solar Power

   Alex Kosyakov, Co-Founder of Natrion One knocked-down tree can cause a widespread power outage in the Northeast, leaving thousands without power. New York natives Alex Kosyakov and Tom Rouffiac experienced just that in high school. Their neighborhoods didn’t have electricity for days after hurricanes Sandy and Irene. After the storms passed, Alex started to […]

Medius Ventures: Realigning the Incentives for Digital Media to Work for the People

Article written by Steven Li, Founder of Medius Ventures Digital media has been one of the most interesting industries to me for a long time, and Buzzfeed’s growth story got me into the space. Its journey building out a variety of media and retail assets — including Buzzfeed.com, BuzzfeedNews.com, and Tasty, among others — is […]

Creasion: Creating a Sustainable Water Source for Indonesian Communities

Nur Hepsanti Hasanah Maryam Karimah In Indonesia alone, 27 million people struggle with finding access to clean water. Living on an archipelago, most Indonesians have to travel hours outside of their homes to obtain drinkable water. This not only costs these people valuable time but also a large amount of their income. Having witnessed first […]

iVenture Begins

iVenture directors planning out space before the program begins As another summer rolls around, iVenture has kicked off its 10-week startup accelerator welcoming 15 new talented student ventures to the iVenture family. On Thursday and Friday, the iVenture team, with the help of some student volunteers, transformed the architecture classrooms in Temple Hoyne Buell Hall […]

Entrepreneurial Eye: iVenture from a Fine Arts Perspective

Interview with Industrial Design major & entrepreneur Kofo Sulaiman, co-founder of Slay’d, an app that better connects minority beauty industry professionals to their customers. iVA: How has your perspective on entrepreneurship changed since the beginning of the iVenture Accelerator program? KS: My original opinion of entrepreneurship was a vision of old white men with fortune 500 […]

Communicate like it matters, because it matters! – Jennifer Bechtel

Jennifer Bechtel from Innovation Living-Learning Community shares her advice on public-speaking and pitching. Jennifer has a background in theater, film directing, and coaching young entrepreneurs in all aspects of professional growth.  Go early and get an awareness of the space. Does it have poor acoustics? If so, breathe nice and deep from your diaphragm and […]

Advice on Customer Discovery from ChopBox & TeaSquares Founder Jordan Buckner

Photo cred:  DNAinfo/Andrea V. Watson Tools for Customer Discovery  Founder of ChopBox & TeaSquares, Jordan Buckner, explains that success in costumer discovery comes through research, trial-and-error, and collaboration. Illinois MBA graduate Jordan Buckner is young, confident, and fast-talking in front of a room. One-on-one, he’s warm and approachable, eager to help. Jordan’s success starting ChopBox […]

Mentor Spotlight: cleverbridge & Hyde Park Angels’ Craig Vodnik

Craig Vodnik, founder of cleverbridge, continues to support young entrepreneurs by answering iVenture’s questions about mentoring. Hi Craig, As you already know, the iVenture Accelerator works hard to match its resident and alumni teams with mentors. The Accelerator plans multiple mentor mixers and designs numerous ways for professionals to engage with the program either by […]

UIUC Startup Story: Amber Agriculture

Every January, over 150,000 exhibitors, media outlets, and industry professionals flock to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s largest consumer electronics and technology tradeshow. CES 2017 was no exception; nearly 4,000 companies from across the globe were represented on the exhibition floor, each one showcasing their cutting edge technology innovations bent […]