Amber Agriculture

Amber Ag helps farmers monitor and manage the condition of their crops in storage, through a system of wireless sensors communicating information to a phone app, so that they can capture the highest possible price per bushel.

Start Up Info:

The problem arises in the fact that farmers do not have an easy way to monitor and condition their grain appropriately. This matters because the price they receive is tied to quality characteristics like moisture. One percentage point too high or too low can mean a 6 cent doc per bushel (100,000 bushels = $6,000).

We have developed an internet of things solution of wireless sensors, that can be self installed in a farmer’s grain bin, which will monitor key information like moisture and C02 levels and communicate decision recommendations to a farmer’s cell phone. Our value proposition compared to competitors is in the sensor detection itself, the actionable data recommendations, and a more affordable self installation. Long-term our hardware will connect and help farmer’s leverage their real-time data bundled with its grain history for potential price premiums for advance buyers seeking this information.

There are one million grain bins, just in the US, and only 5 – 10% of them invested in some sort of monitoring system. We are confident that our incremental advancements in grain conditioning coupled with the disruptive idea of connecting bins within a larger marketplace ecosystem could transform post-harvest practices and help put profits back in farmer’s pockets. Our next steps include field tests of our current prototype and conversations with farmers and food-grade buyers.