Mouve Inc. is a company focused around connecting people and helping them to experience some of their most memorable moments.The MouveApp is aiming to be the go to platform to help people experience and discover events with those who are most important to them.


To Change the World


To Help People

Start Up Info:

We came together to try and eliminate the clutter and difficulty when trying to get together with a group of friends or plan something for those friends to attend spur of the moment. Currently there are too many different platforms aimed at solving that problem, however we felt that know one actually gave people enough to get the job done. So whether it be missing events, or wasting time at the wrong events, we wanted to build something to eliminate those issues. We came together to solve that problem. Two of us were friends who agreed to work on a problem that we were both facing then through mutual friends we were introduced to our next integral team members.




Advising, Coaching, Co-Working Space, Workshops, Talks, and Capacity Funding


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