The Inclusive Companion Series is a set of reading guides that can be used alongside children’s literature.


To Change the World


To Help People

Start Up Info: Seeing difference from a young age is unavoidable, and when children are not educated about inclusivity, they begin to bully others who appear unfamiliar. A solution to stop children from being afraid of difference is providing parents a way to discuss various social identities such as race, ability status, or sexual orientation. The Inclusive Companion Series is a set of guides for parents that can be used alongside children’s literature, each regarding a different social identity. These guides contain everything a parent needs to connect with their children and dialogue about topics that matter. Currently, the first guide in the series is complete and has received positive feedback from parents and professors. Our concept has intrigued parents, but the true impact we are hoping to see will not be reached until the first guide is distributed. Immediately after using the guide, relationships will be enhanced between parents and children, but the ultimate impact will be seen in an eventual drop in bullying rates and improved interactions among young children. Future steps include publishing, distributing, and analyzing the effectiveness of the first guide; this includes expanding social media coverage and further community outreach.