Industries: E-Learning, Music, Tech

Trala is an app that listens to violin playing and gives real time feedback on pitch and rhythm to the player. Students using Trala learn their pieces in HALF the time. 

Trala’s advanced signal processing technology is the best in the world, recognizing chords in a busy intersection better than competitors can in a silent room. It is also able to detect a wide variety of instruments including voice out of the box, giving us a unique ability to quickly move into other markets in the future.

Trala was the Grand Prize winner of the 2017 Cozad New Venture competition and is growing rapidly: 15% WoW. Trala: Learn Violin Faster.


Vishnu Indukuri BA Computer Science,

Jason Yue BA Systems Engineering & Design,

Samuel Walder BA Computer Engineering,

Alex Noddings BA Physics,

Lauren Solberg BA Economics,