Optivolt Labs


Optivolt Labs

Optivolt Labs, LLC has created a solar phone case that uses any light source available to charge a smartphone.

Optivolt’s proprietary technology provides a 45% efficiency advantage for less than a dollar per unit. The case can charge through indoor light or any ambient light sources that shines on the panel. The case consists of two parts, an inner protective shell case and an outer solar battery case. The two parts can attach and detach to meet the user’s needs.

The Optivolt team was selected as a winner of the Illini Ideas pitch competition, winner of the Harper Entrepreneurship Fund scholarship, and winner of the Singleton Law Firm prize at the Cozad New Venture Competition.

With Optivolt Labs, if you have light, you have charge.






Paul Couston BA Industrial Engineering, Pcousto2@illinois.edu

Tyler Nass BA Chemical Engineering, Nass2@illinois.edu

Rohit Kalyanpur BA Computer Engineering, Rohitgk2@illinois.edu

Industries: Consumer Electronics, Solar, Optics, Battery