Industries: Intellectual Virtual Assistant, Wearable Technology, Augmented Reality, Shipping Industry

Optech is bringing Intellectual Virtual Assistants (IVA’s) to daily lives through wearable technology.

Optech is creating an eye wearable that would see things that humans see and provide visual feedback. While the product is slated to ultimately become a consumer wearable, Optech plans to conduct a B-to-B model and enter industries such as the senior citizen industry and the shipping industry. Optech has been featured in the University of Illinois’ College of Engineering news as an up-and-coming project from the Cozad New Venture competition.

Optech hopes to enrich everyone’s lives with digitalized vision.


Kevin Chen BA Electrical Engineering, Kechen6@illinois.edu

Adam Teng BA Electrical Engineering, Alteng2@illinois.edu

Jasmine Wang BA Accountancy, Finance, Jwang263@illinois.edu