Engage with our startups

Great startups need great mentors. 

Great universities create great communities.

Be an iVenture Mentor or Coach

The iVenture Accelerator connects the massive talents of our alumni and friends to the ambitions of our student entrepreneurs – and we need your help.

Please be in touch and we’ll find the best way for you to help iVenture’s resident entrepreneurs change the world. To get involved, contact our Assistant Director, Mayank Mehta (iventure@illinois.edu).

Engage with a specific team

(We can help match)



Startup Advisor: Help a team of your choice set milestones and focus on critical business issues they face. you play a key role in helping the team set and achieve strategic goals.

  • 1 virtual or in-person meeting per month. Receive periodic updates from teams
  • Bring area or process expertise – a great fit for senior leaders



Connector: Link one or more teams to people in your network who might become partners, customers, suppliers, advisors, funders, or can provide other expertise or resources.

  • A quick, high-yield way to help student startups

Share your expertise with the entire Accelerator



Hold office hours (a venture favorite): Meet with several teams individually over the course of a few hours. A great fit for serial entrepreneurs or those with skills that can help a broad range of ventures in different industries. 



Workshop: Teach a workshop on branding, strategy, market research, legal + IP, and any other topic relevant to early-stage entrepreneurship. Can be one lunchtime session to multiple sessions over a few days. Great fit for subject matter experts and faculty.




Speaker Series: Come join us on-campus (or over Zoom) to deliver a focused talk on your entrepreneurial journey, lessons learned, and perspectives gained. great for executives and startup veterans.