ChairDrop redefines the way patients interact with medical equipment suppliers. ChairDrop allows users to search for wheelchairs and other medical equipment by location and price.

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If you need to find a good deal on a hotel, you can probably think of three or four websites you can go to off the top of your head. What about finding a good deal on a wheelchair or other medical equipment? Probably not as easy. ChairDrop aims to be that resource people can go to to search for medical equipment. We aim to provide a tool to let patients shop for medical equipment near them, and compare for the best price.

You might say to yourself, that seems pretty simple, something like that probably exist already. There are similar things out there, but nothing exactly like this. It makes sense, medical equipment companies are already making millions from insurance companies, why should they care about making life easier for their patients who have to pay out-of-pocket. There is no financial incentive for the medical equipment suppliers to do anything about it. ChairDrop has an incentive: to relieve frustration and financial burden on the patients who have to pay out-of-pocket for necessary medical equipment.


iVenture 2015-2016


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